Invest in the most important business, yours.

Meet your cash commitments with Dynamoney’s business loans product. Whether you need to purchase stock, invest in new technology or purchase additional assets, be confident in growing your business without reducing your control with Australia’s leading business lenders.

Accessing a business loan also means that you are not delving into your own personal equity and allows you to free up cash from somewhere else in the business, so you can finally start that project you’ve delaying.

Features of our business loans

As trusted business lenders, our competitive advantage sets us apart from the rest:

  • Easy approval process with no financials required on applications less than $300,000
  • Borrow up to $500,000 for a property owner
  • Suitable for multiple loan purposes
  • No security/caveat required up to $150,000
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Interest Rate

From 14.99%1
per annum

Am I Eligible?

Approval requirements for a business loan are:

  1. Property owner
  2. Commercial businesses with a minimum of 2 years in business
  3. Min $35,000 in monthly sales

Estimate your business loan repayments

To find out about estimated business loan repayments based on your unique circumstances, why not try our calculator? Our calculator allows you to easily estimate your repayments when taking out business finance loans with Dynamoney.

Disclaimer: Dynamoney Limited, its agents, employees and accredited lenders will accept no responsibility for any loss that may arise from the information provided in our calculators until such time as a firm offer is made. While we make every attempt to give you the best possible tools and information, the calculators do not include fees & charges.

How Do Business Loans Work?

Short on cash? As leading business lenders we can help. A business loan can be a good solution to help you continue to meet your cash commitments and provide financial security. As a business owner, you may be looking to secure business loan financing to expand or invest, whatever the case may be, a loan for a business helps achieve all this. With many benefits for small and medium sized companies, here are our top 5.

Business Loan Benefits

  1. Maintain control of your business
    Taking out a business loan allows you to keep full control of your business. Unlike borrowing equity, banks and financiers do not get involved with any aspect of running your business. This means owners can retain full management over the company’s day-to-day operation while still gaining the benefits of extra cash.
  2. Low interest rates and flexible repayment options
    Due to the rise in competition, most business lenders offer reasonable interest rates on business loans. Of course, interest rates that banks charge will vary from customer to customer, however most non-bank lenders offer a fixed interest rate, Dynamoney offers interest rates starting from 16.5%. Some financiers offer a fixed payback amount that is agreed upon by the borrower prior to loan repayments, making the upfront total cost immune to interest rate fluctuations.
  3. Fast approval and availability of funds
    Many lenders have the capability to approve your loan within minutes and provide you with access to funding within 24 hours of approval. Having those funds readily available can help you with your business-related expenses so that you can get on with the business of your business, be confident in your ability to grow and expand while still having access to short term cash.
  4. No collateral required
    Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, business loans are usually offered without the demand for collateral. This is an attractive benefit for business owners who may not possess many assets. Business loans also require minimal documentation, making the application process fast and easy.
  1. Interest is based on a yield above the RBA Cash rate. The RBA cash is published on Establishment, service, and documentation fees apply. For applications submitted before 10 am. Interest only payable on drawn funds. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our team on 1300 001 420 for details.
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