Business overdraft

Improve your business cashflow with our overdraft facility

Remove the stress of managing fluctuations in your short-term working capital including unexpected expenses or cash shortages by being able to draw on real cash during times of need.

Providing support for your business cashflow, a business overdraft is a flexible financing solution that gives you the ability to redraw up to your approved limit at any time. Interest is charged only on the balance outstanding and you can make deposits when your business receives payments. Utilise all of the funds up to your approved limit or only part of your approved unsecured business overdraft. Our overdraft account now comes with a card attached.

A card that suits all your business needs

Our easy to use overdraft account with a credit card attached, offers you flexibility and simplicity when it comes to managing your business expenses. With a Dynamoney credit card use your overdraft funds from and receive access to a range of features and benefits, carefully curated to support your needs. Enjoy multiple cards under the one limit, different levels of access to help managed monthly spending, set a monthly spend limit and competitive interest rates.

Benefits of our business overdraft

  • Quick online application process with approval in under 24 hours
  • No fixed or set repayments
  • Interest is only charged on the funds you use
  • No minimum or maximum term length
  • Make repayments when your business is paid
  • Relieve cash flow gaps between payments
  • Range of access options
  • Flexible line of credit
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Interest Rate

From 12.25%1
per annum

Am I Eligible?

Approval requirements are:

  1. Sole trader, partnership with up to 2 partners, company with up to 5 directors or a trustee of an eligible trust
  2. Minimum 2 years trading under your current registered ABN
  3. Registered for GST with at least $75,000 turnover per year
  4. Over 18 years of age

What is the difference between a business overdraft and a regular business loan?

Business overdraft

Business overdrafts are a useful financing solution when your business needs to spend more cash than what is currently available in your everyday business account. Usually connected to your existing business bank account, an unsecured business overdraft allows you to cover seasonal cash flow cycles or manage working capital (e.g. supplier invoices, new product launches) whilst you’re waiting for more cash to be deposited from outstanding sales.

Business overdrafts can be either a short term financing solution to cover the day to day running of your business or an ongoing facility if your funding requirements regularly change. Unsecured business overdrafts differ from business loans as they do not have a set duration or repayment structure. Our overdraft product now comes with a card attached to simplify your business spending.


  1. Establishment, service, and documentation fees apply. For applications submitted before 10 am. Interest only payable on drawn funds. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our team on 1300 001 420 for details.
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